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The Predatorian

Brown Dieselpunk Mask

14. JULY 2015

by Tony See

Our most popular steampunk mask is called "The Predatorian". We have to laser cut most of the leather parts as it has quite an intricate design and we have to keep it symmetrical. The prototype was entirely hand cut but after we imported the design in Autocad and used it to cut it by machine. The brown leather keeps the laser burns into the edges which makes it look more rugged, more like something that stood the test of at least two apocalypses. It really does look amazing. On the black model the laser burns are not visible however and it gives it a more stylish elegant look overall.

After that we stitch it all together. We used about 4 diferent stitching techniques and it it a long and painstaking process trying to keep the leather tight but we take our time and we do it. Besides me there is only one other leather worker in our team who can undertake this mask but I do most of them.

We shape the ear pieces to give the leather a nice round smooth design in a process that takes at least 12 hours to complete

After the stitching we attach the eye pieces in a way that ensures durability but also allows the owner to change the lenses if needed.

There are six straps holding the mask on the head and they all tie up at the back with very little impact on the front and the side of the design.

This mask takes a single craftsmen 3 days to make.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the video



Black Dieselpunk Mask

19. JULY 2015

by Tony See

We thought you might enjoy a quick presentation video of the black version of the Predatorian









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